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The Various Uses of the Options Chain Data for Futures and Options Trading

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The Various Uses of the Options Chain Data for Futures and Options Trading

An option chain provides a quick overview of the available options for an asset chain. Options chain data presents the whole data regarding the single stock or index in a single frame. On the other hand, the strike price is at the center in an Options frame. It means that the pertaining data to calls and puts are next to each other.

A bank NIFTY option chain not only showcases the price and the volume data. It also shows open interest (OI) and changes in implied volatility (IV).

What Are the Important Components of Option Chains?

The traders receive valuable data from the critical components in the Options Chain. It allows them to place the right trades. Thus, they can avoid missing opportunities to gain profits. So, what are these components:

  • Strike Price

The price an individual can purchase or sell is the strike price. The options with higher prices are more affordable than the lower ones. However, for Options, the opposite is applicable. In Options, the trader can convert the ones with the lowers trike price into lower Options prices.

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  • Premium

The last posted trade shows the last price, which indicates the fluctuation it had from the previous day’s closing price. While bidding, the traders can ask to see the prices the sellers and buyers want to give the trader. They can negotiate and ask price, and the bid starts coming closer.

The transaction only happens when the buyer takes the offered price, and the seller agrees to the bid; the price the buyer puts on the seller is known as the “Options Contract”. They pay through their broking platform when they buy the Option.

  • Open Interest

The trader can determine the total number of open Options through Options trading. Through the Options’ number, they can understand how many are there for Strike in the market. Open Interest or OI are contracted one has not offset, exercised and assigned.

  • Implied Volatility (IV)

A prediction of the movement of the underlying security in the market’s prediction is known as implied volatility. Those are directly proportional. High IV= High movement of the underlying security. It makes the Option price high.

  • Volume

The total number of contracts made in a day indicates the volume. High volume means the contract has more importance for the traders and vice versa.

What Is An Option Chain Indicating to You?

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A bank NIFTY option chain makes it easy for investors to buy or sell a security at a previously determined price. They are also known as derivatives, as they sometimes take their value from the underlying stock.

Call and Puts

The Options are derivative products in nature. The investors can speculate on them and shield against the volatility of an underlying stick. The Options come in two branches- Call and Put. The Call brings profit for the buyers if the price increases and the Put allow the buyer to have profits upon decreasing the stock price.

So, regarding options listing, there are two sections: Calls and Puts. With the call option, a person has the right to purchase 100 shares of stock. They can do so at a fixed price till a limited date. With the put-out option, the person can sell the 100 shares (they have the right, not the obligation) up to a specific date for a fixed price.

Expiration Date

The Options have expiry dates as well. Options that have their expiry date nearing will lose their value rapidly.

How to Use Option Chain to Trade Future and Options?

The data for the Option Chain is an essential additional measure that forecasts the movement of the stock. Once the trader selects the stock they want to trade in, the Index Options Chain and Stock Option Chain predicts the movement and helps to invest profitably.

Reading the Options Chain Chart

There are quite a few components of the chart that helps one to read and decipher the option chain chart easily. Here are a few sections of the Options Chain Chart that helps one to read it easily:

Types of Options

Call Option This option enables the buyer to buy underlying at a specific price within a date
Put Option This contract gives the right to sell underlying at a set price within a time limit

 Benefits of Option Chain

  • It allows a sneak peek into the ITM and OTM options
  • One can assess the depth and liquidity of their assets
  • Helps traders to find option premiums against their matching maturity date and strike price
  • In case of breakouts or sharp moves, it serves as a warning
  • It is a macro-level indicator chain
  • A better view of economic Strangulations at various strike prices.

Option Chain Uses

  • Acts as a warning sign for abrupt moves in the index
  • Can help to create an option strategy for multiple strike prices
  • Traders can conclude meaningful insights regarding the stock movement.
  • Traders can evaluate the liquidity and depth of the contract
  • It offers an overview of the critical statistics of one stock in a single look.

Puts and Calls- The Difference

The primary difference between Puts and Calls can be summarised as

Parameters Options for Put Options for Call
Reaction to the Underlying Price Changes ●      Negative Delta

●      Puts depreciate when the underlying asset goes through a positive change

●      Positive Delta

●      Increase in value= increase in Stock Price

Changes in Interest Rates ●      Decrease in value with Puts increase ●      Increase in Interest rates= Calls’ increase in value
The Approach of Dividend Date ●      Puts an increase in value ●      Calls suffer a value decrease
Strike of an Option ●      Puts with the lower strike will suffer from the lower value in comparison to a higher strike ●      Ones with a lowers trike have a higher value than the ones with a higher strike.


Option Chain analysis remains one of the most effective ways of online trading. Once a trader selects a stock, they can track the Sector Index Options Chain to detect any sudden movement in the tube sector.

Options Chain data make trading easy for the trader. When traders know the in and out of Option Chains, they can make better trading decisions and gain significant profits.

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