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Top 10 Government Jobs with high salary

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Government jobs are one of the highest-paying domains in India. Annually, millions of aspirants apply for government jobs. But due to competition among many well-deserved candidates, only a few come out with flying colours. Although the competition is tough, government jobs have their perks, advantages, and benefits if one gets placed successfully. Generally, government jobs with high salaries outperform corporate jobs due to job security and work-life balance. This article will cover the top 10 government jobs with a high salary that one can ace with dedication and hard work.

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Top 10 Government Jobs with high salary

  1. Indian Foreign Services
  2. IAS and IPS
  3. Defence Services
  4. Scientists/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO
  5. RBI Grade B
  6. PSU
  7. Indian Forest Services
  8. State Service Commissions
  9. Lectures/ Assistant Professors in Government colleges
  10. ASO in the ministry of External Affairs


Top 10 Government Jobs with high salary

10 Government Jobs with high salary

1.  Indian Foreign Services

Indian foreign services (IFS) officers are recruited by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commissions) through civil services exams. These ambassadors represent India in foreign countries. IFS officers have to spend more than two-thirds of their career in foreign countries, with a maximum period of three years in one country. This job opportunity is among the top government jobs with high salaries because along with the salaries and additional perks of all Grade A employees, they receive foreign allowance calculated on the cost-of-living index issued by the United Nations. The allowance can range from USD 3500 – to 5000.

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Functions carried out by the Indian ambassador may be summarized as:

  1. Represent India in its Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates, and Permanent Missions to multilateral organizations like the United Nations;
  2. Protect India’s national interests in the country of their respective posting;
  3. Promote friendly and healthy relations with the receiving state as also its people, including NRI / PIOs;
  4. Report accurately on developments in the country of posting which are likely to influence the formulation of India’s policies;
  5. Negotiate agreements on various issues with the authorities of the receiving state;
  6. Extend consular facilities to foreigners and Indian nationals residing abroad.

 Salaries and perks offered are:

  1. Initial salary: USD 4000 – 5000
  2. The officers receive High-class accommodation in the world’s best and safest cities.
  3. Free education is guaranteed in international schools for their children.
  4. Official luxury car provided
  5. Housemaid with top-class facilities
  6. Free medical check-ups and care
  7. Free air travel tickets for India.

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2. IAS and IPS

There is a great deal of competition between the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and the Indian Police Services (IPS) in India. They are among the Indian government jobs with high salaries in our country. In India, these officers get to work in a variety of fields, as well as contribute to policymaking decisions. IAS and IPS officers are bestowed with immense powers in their hands. Job security, perks, and power make these jobs the most desirable ones among the current generation.

Functions carried out by the Indian ambassador may be summarized as:

  1. An IAS officer has all the powers in the field of administration.
  2. IAS officer looks for events related to Prime Minister, President visits, transfers, suspensions, surprise raids, issuing circulars and policy implementation, etc.
  3. The role of an IPS officer is to maintain law and order situations, especially in times of riots, protests, festivals, major events, etc.
  4. An IPS also lead the police force and provides directives to them.
  5. The IPS officer ensures the safety of the public at any cost.

Salary and perks offered are:

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  1. Starting salary of nearly INR 50,000 along with dearness allowance.
  2. Big bungalow houses as residences in top localities when posted to District Magistrate.
  3. A private transport vehicle and a personal chauffeur.
  4. In some locations, security is also provided.
  5. No electricity fee is taken as a part of the service.
  6. They are guaranteed study leaves for higher education in foreign universities along with government sponsorships.

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3. Defence Services

Defence service is among the top government jobs with high salaries because the officials are provided with beneficial salaries and benefits more than their civil counterparts as well. The job in the defence service involves risk and adventure, but the promotion aspects are truly among the best. The candidates are selected through various exams such as NDA, CDS, AFCAT, etc.

Functions carried out in the defence service include:

  1. The organizing defence budget, establishment, and resolution of conflicts.
  2. Handling matters related to parliament, defence co-operation with foreign countries.
  3. Utilization of resources and promote jointness among the three services (air-force, military-force, and naval force).

Salary and perks offered are:

  1. Starting salary at the rank of lieutenant: INR 50,000 to 60,000 along with dearness allowance.
  2. High-class accommodation
  3. Uniformity in allowances
  4. Free ration till the period of service
  5. Pension after retirement

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4. Scientists/Engineers in ISRO, DRDO

Engineering graduates who wish to pursue their career in the research and development domain can apply for the posts of engineers or scientists in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization). An individual working with these organizations earn huge respect in society and thus it ranks among the top government jobs with high salary in our article.

Basic functions of the professional working in this organization include:

  1. Maintain quality ranking.
  2. Proper administration of the projects.
  3. Working in coordination with high-level scientists and experts.
  4. Improving the defence structure by improving the amenities.

Salary and perks offered are:

  1. Initial salary at the entry-level: INR 55,000 to 60,000.
  2. House rental allowance or accommodation to higher authorities.
  3. Transport allowance.
  4. Bonus after every six months.
  5. Free food at the canteens.
  6. Additional allowances in case of emergencies.

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5. RBI Grade B

None is a better employer than the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) when it comes to working under banking services in India. One may start his/her banking career by qualifying for the RBI Grade B post. This post is one of the top government jobs with a high salary that one can go for. Approximately INR 18 lakh is the CTC (Cost to Company) for RBI Grade B officers.

Responsibilities of an RBI Grade Officer include:

  1. Handling the currency issue and its circulation
  2. Ensuring the nation’s financial stability
  3. Handling central government bank accounts

Salary and perks offered are:

  1. Entry-level salary: INR 67,000 along with DA
  2. Accommodation guaranteed
  3. 180 litres of petrol per annum
  4. Child education allowance
  5. Every two years, INR 1 lakh allowance for tours and travels

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6. PSU

PSU stands for Public Sector Undertakings. An engineer who wishes to not stay in a corporate lifestyle often chooses PSU job opportunities. The best option to get a job in PSUs is through GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering). Job security is provided and salaries are higher than their private counterparts. Hence this sector is among the top Indian government jobs with high salary rates. The salaries of an individual vary by the organization he or she is working in and job location. But most of the companies such as ONGC (oil and natural gas Corporation Limited), IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited), BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) have almost similar salary structures with less to no modifications. The estimated CTC of PSUs is INR 10 to 12 lakh.

Responsibilities carried out in PSUs:

  1. Engineering Executive trainee
  2. Assistant Executive Engineer
  3. Management Trainee
  4. Accounts Officer
  5. Medical laboratory Officer
  6. Systems Officer

Salary and perks offered are:

  1. In hand salary (exclusive of all allowances): INR 52,000 + DA
  2. Accommodation offered through the company
  3. Special compensatory off for plant-based location
  4. Shift allowance guaranteed (salary increment by INR 3,000 to 4,000)

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7. Indian Forest Services

Indian forest service officer is the one who handles all the administration related to the forest department and is responsible for forest activities. The officers are required to work in the field of forestry as well as wildlife for the proper functioning of environmental laws that need to be protected. The life of an IFS officer is full of adventures.

Functions carried out by an IFS officer includes:

  1. Protect the environmental laws and nature.
  2. Regulate mines and their functioning.
  3. Forest activities in the protected areas
  4. Look after the needs of forest dwellers

Salary and perks offered:

  1. Initial salary: INR 52,000 + DA
  2. Private accommodation with all the amenities
  3. An official vehicle with a private driver
  4. A housemaid
  5. Free electricity is included in the service

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8. State Service Commissions

Every state in India conducts its service exam for the posts like SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate), DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police), ETO (Excise and Taxation Officer), Tehsildar, etc. These officers fall just below the rank of the officers recruited by the UPSC. PCS (Provisional Civil Service) officers manage only the affairs of the state whereas the IAS Officer works as the intermediary between Centre and state. PCS officers do not have to worry about transfers, unlike IAS Officers.

Responsibilities of PCS officer:

  1. Responsible for various government schemes
  2. Creation of awareness among the masses
  3. Handle and administer daily proceedings of government

Salary and perks offered:

  1. Starting salary: INR 35,000 to 45,000
  2. Incentives include furnished house
  3. An official vehicle with a driver
  4. Electricity allowance

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9. Lectures/ Assistant Professors in Government colleges

The teaching profession is one of the most peaceful jobs that one can get. Teachers in government degree programs and technical institutes such as IITs and NITs can earn higher salaries than those in private sector jobs. Hence, professors in government institutes are among the top government jobs with high salaries and incentives.

Responsibilities of professors include:

  1. Managing multiple lectures and possessing practical knowledge for hands-on sessions.
  2. To be able to maintain the decorum of the institute and organization.
  3. To have a minimal experience of three years in the teaching field.

Salary and perks include:

  1. The starting salary of an assistant professor varies from INR 40,000 to 1 lakh at entry-level.
  2. An assistant professor in a technical college earns INR 75,000 – 80,000
  3. Medical facilities are provided
  4. Accommodation given
  5. Laptop allowance
  6. Enough of free time
  7. The only profession which lets you enjoy vacations

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10.  ASO in the ministry of External Affairs

Assistant Section Officer (ASO) in MEA is a Grade B post, and one can apply for the post by qualifying in the SSC CGL exam. The biggest benefit of working in the Ministry of External Affairs is foreign postings. Throughout the career of an ASO, he/she can get a total of six foreign postings, each of which lasts for three years. For the respective foreign posting, you must pass the foreign language proficiency test of that country.

Responsibilities of ASO in MEA includes: 

  1. To note, draft, and communicate with the head office.
  2. To carefully plan and examine the international documents.
  3. Coordinate between various offices as well as headquarters at the home nation whenever needed.
  4. Promoting friendly relations between the state and its people.

Salary and perks offered:

  1. During foreign postings, salary ranges between INR 1.25 to 1.8 lakhs
  2. Accommodation provided by the government
  3. Free medical facilities wherever you are posted in the best hospitals

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The article provided all the information related to top government jobs with high salaries in India. It included everything from income to responsibilities associated with each job profile listed. One might choose the profession where the interests of an individual fit in rightly. With the correct guidance, determination, and hard work, one may surely land his/her dream job. Also, one should never see the salary prospects in terms of when finding a job. Instead, one should consider their abilities, interests, and knowledge in the domain to flourish in the field.

Note: The salary data was extracted from the following link at the time when the article was written:


As per guidelines and regulations by the government of India, the salary structure may change with changing times.

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