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Top 10 Small Business Ideas

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Starting a new venture takes three important things! First, of course, you need a freshly baked idea, which is new and has a better performance than the currently existing ones.  Second, who is your customer and who is your competition? Third, and the most important “Management”, if you succeed in establishing these three things, you are bound to have a good startup!

Nowadays, people are having many small ventures, based on their area of interest. Even though they are raw businesses and don’t require much logistics, people are doing well in starting an entrepreneurial journey of their own. Small businesses are much popular these days because covid made us realize that no source of income is permanent, and meantime, our own business ideas can be successful too.

As a matter of fact, in India, individuals are helpings their parent’s ideas grow into a successful startup. This is because, parents have enough time to invest in their startup with their huge repository of ideas, and their kids can handle the modern interface on which they can sell their products online. The Covid pandemic really boasted these startups, and hence in every locality, we can at least see one or more small businesses recently emerged around us. So, here we provide you with a list of similar yet innovative, Top 10 small business ideas in India.

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Top 10 Small business ideas

  1. EduApp development
  2. Electronic repair
  3. Tiffin services
  4. Tutoring/Online classes
  5. Embroidery or tailoring
  6. Photography
  7. Dance Centre
  8. Handicraft sellers
  9. Pet Care services
  10. Blogging

Top 10 Small business ideasTop 10 Small Business Ideas

1)EduApp development

From buying clothes to booking your medical appointment, everything is online these days, right? So, why should Education be behind in this lamb race? Nowadays, Students have started to search for ebooks for every subject, so their shelves will be a little less occupied. This was possible because of Edu-apps which provide notes as well as textbook pdf that reduced the stress of purchasing every single textbook in stores. So, if you are one of those techies who have the craze to develop new apps, you can definitely build an educational app, and provide educational stuff to students of the various classes.

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2)Electronic repair

Currently, in every house, there are a good amount of electronic products being used such as mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, etc. As much fragile they can be, these products might show some errors which ultimately ruin our day if not being repaired. So, if you are specialized in the electronics domain, you may provide door-to-door repair services, as this is more convenient to the customers.


3)Tiffin services

This business idea continues to be on “the top small businesses in India” list because it is still considered as one of the ideas which require a low budget and is easy to start on a small scale. Nowadays, Individuals are looking for wholesome meals, which have that home-cooked flavor and come home-delivered at time. Hence, Tiffin service has continued to have a high demand because of its convenience.


4)Tutoring/Online classes

If you are good at basic subjects likes Maths, English, etc and have a stronghold of it, you can start private tutoring as parents nowadays are much concerned about their children focus on studies which according to them, can’t be properly done in public classes. You can even teach some kids online based on their requirements reducing the cost of traveling!

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5)Embroidery or tailoring

With the increasing demand for designable and exact fitting clothes, tailors have become less in numbers to imply it. So, if you have a knack for stitching and can stitch some beautiful clothes in a given time, you may consider tailoring as a future business. It is much more stable and requires a sewing machine only, along with a stitching kit.



Every season is a wedding season! Hence, the gorgeous wedding shoots of bride and groom are ever trendy. Various themes, setups, locations, are some key factors of a wedding photoshoot. If you think you can select the best combination out of this and get the perfect wedding photoshoot done, you can become an advanced photographer. Not just limited to this, there are various other events, as well such as newborn’s Birthday, Pooja, or even opening your own studio once started. For a simple startup, you will need a good camera and some sense for clicking beautiful photos.


7)Dance Centre

According to Martha Grahm, “Dancing is the hidden language of the soul.” People passionate about dancing can consider opening their own dancing classes where they can start teaching the basics of dancing to everyone and slowly increase their circle, by adding more people in and teaching some different styles of dancing they specialize in. A major advantage of this business is, you don’t necessarily need a degree of dance, as you can just teach them Zumba dance, too for a daily workout, but if you have one, it’s the upper hand.


8)Handicraft sellers

From students to elders, everyone can consider these options to grow a successful small business. They just need to consider doing their hobby on daily basis and have the responsibility of fulfilling orders. Handicrafts attract a lot of attraction because of their unique and non-repeated designs which catch the eye of the customers looking for something new to decorate their place.


9)Pet Care services

Traveling and taking care of your pet is a little troublesome and leaving it to someone unauthorized, will give you a journey full of stress. Pet owners mostly have these issues as they decide to leave for some journey or work. So, if you have a degree in Veteran or pet/animal care, you can start pet care services, as nowadays pet owners are happy to spend enough money for their pets care and health. Also, this will give them trust that their pets are in safe hands and getting proper care.



As much as Blogging is interesting as a hobby, it can be turned into a successful startup too. You can write blogs by selecting a single domain of your interest and start updating on it regularly or weekly, depending on the topic. This option is for those who have a keen interest in writing and have a way with the selection of words.


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Top 10 Small Business Ideas

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