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What is Entrepreneurial Leadership, Definition And Characteristics

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Entrepreneurial leadership is a strong blend of entrepreneurial skills and leadership characteristics. Simply put, it is an approach to driving a business proficiently, thus, prompting development and success. Additionally, there are different instances of unmistakable entrepreneurial leaders in this day and age who have fabricated successful businesses as well as revolutionized society by bringing positive changes. Therefore, in this article, we will explore entrepreneurial leadership and its characteristics to assist you with teaching a couple of characteristics of an effective entrepreneurial leader.


 Entrepreneurial Leadership, Definition And Characteristics

What is entrepreneurial leadership?

Entrepreneurial leadership is comprised of two key parts, entrepreneur and leadership or authority. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about beginning a business, all things being equal, it is a perspective, planning, and executing. An intriguing reality about entrepreneurship is that anybody can be an entrepreneur regardless of their experience or foundation. Likewise, Leadership being one of the essential qualities of an  entrepreneur, permits them to assemble a successful business plan. Moreover, It’s about leading a strong team with an innovative mindset and skills. Seth Godin, an American creator says “Entrepreneurial leadership is about unleashing your team’s creativity and passion to achieve a bold vision.”
Just like other leaders, an entrepreneurial leader also turns ideas into reality, for growth.

In simple words, entrepreneurial leadership is a mindset that helps people think and behave like entrepreneurs, hence, creatively and innovatively. Furthermore, entrepreneurial leaders are the people who challenge the existing norms and visions for societal development. With qualities such as risk-taking, resilience, and dedication, they manage to improve the existing conditions of the world for the better. An entrepreneurial leader transforms issues into open doors and makes the world a better place to live in. According to Rao, a professor of operations management, “Entrepreneurial leaders are not just risk managers; they are ambidextrous and are experts at navigating uncertainty.”

A portion of the extraordinary characteristics of an entrepreneurial leader are critical thinking, learning readiness, and adaptability before changes. Entrepreneurial qualities are not incorporated into an individual from birth yet can be obtained and worked on over the long run. Some entrepreneurial leaders or self-made millionaires include Steve Jobs, Anand Mahindra, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Ritesh Agarwal, and others.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Leadership

There are a few characteristics or qualities of entrepreneurial leadership, out of which a few key characteristics are as per the following:

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  • Risk-taking

Risk-taking is one of the essential qualities of an entrepreneurial leader. Being a risk taker doesn’t mean being foolish while facing challenges, instead, it implies having decent information about its upsides and downsides prior to going with any choice. Risks don’t always necessarily lead to positive outcomes such as innovation, growth, and improvement. However, being resilient, that is learning from failures, is also an important characteristic of an entrepreneurial leader.

  • Decisiveness

An ability to make correct and bold decisions during tough situations defines the real abilities of an entrepreneurial leader. Moreover, they never miss any opportunity to grow and learn. Chiefly, an entrepreneurial leader needs to be aware of all the conditions and make a good decision that leads to more growth opportunities.

  • Innovative

Another key characteristic of an entrepreneurial leader is being innovative. Being adaptive to growing changes and discovering innovations accordingly is very important. An entrepreneurial leader is always aware of their target audience and market needs.

  • Customer-centric

Entrepreneurial leaders have a great ability to connect with their target customers. They try to win the trust of their customers through strategies like marketing and good customer service experience.


In conclusion, entrepreneurial leadership is a mindset that helps individuals to think and behave like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial leaders are capable enough to make bold and important decisions. Also, they are not afraid of taking risks and being adaptive. An Entrepreneurial leader understands their customers well and implements strategies and plans to earn their trust

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